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In this workshop we will make a Touch Screen controlled robot, where you control your robot using touch screen and it actually moves on the surface. Our main aim is effectively impart the knowledge of designing a touch screen controlled Robot. Touch screen based robot accepts the control signals from touch screen to move the robot in all the directions. It can be further employed for wide range of application including electrical appliance control, wheel chair etc.


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Botix-gesture is all about Wireless Controlling Of Robot using Hand Gestures. Now days it becomes very important to control the robots just with gestures. This can be very helpful in many of the real physical situations where there can be danger to a human being. It is also very important to make the gestures very intuitive so that human being can easily adapt to them. This workshop is for the students who want to think beyond and think different.


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Botix-satellite is a GPS (Global Positioning System ) based Satellite Robotics Workhsop. It is a GPS based Robotic vehicle workshop where a student can learn the art of making robots, programming microcontrollers using embedded C, feeding artificial intelligence in Robots, communication protocols, Satellite and GPS, interfacing GPS and many more.


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BOTIX-Computer is all about controlling a ROBOT using computer. Our main is to effectively impart the basic know-how of designing a computer controlled robots and provide all the necessary tool to develop it. PC based robot needs a RS-232 driver to communicate between PC and micro-controller. PC based robot accepts the control signals from the computer to move the Robot in all the directions.



We are providing training on latest microcontrollers & technologies.

  • Raspberry Pi
  • MSP 430 Launchpad
  • AVR Microcontroller
  • PIC Microcontroller
  • 8051 Microcontroller