TI MSP430 LaunchPad Peripheral Interfacing Workshop

Is a five-day hands-on workshop on TI MSP430, an ultra low-power 16- bit micro-controller family from Texas Instruments. This workshop is designed to give engineering students and professionals an in-depth knowledge of micro-controller programming, embedded application design and Robotics.

This course is designed keeping in mind the challenging industry standards and the need for practical learning for engineering students.

This program will introduce the participants to various aspects of embedded programming, application development and implementation. The hardware and software used is completely new and it is from Texas Instruments.

This provides a good industry exposure to the participants as already adopted in their curriculum.

In addition to the learning, each participant will be certified thus increasing their chances of placing themselves in industries and pursue research in the fields of their choice.


  • Introduction to Embedded System & Robotics
  • Introduction to Microcontroller & Microproicessor
  • An introduction of MSP 430 microcontrollers
  • 16 Bit RISC architecture
  • Overview of Code Composer Studio
  • Initialization of MSP 430 & GPIO programming
  • Proteus Simulation
  • LED Interfacing & different patterns
  • LCD Interfacing with MSP 430
  • Sensors & Modems interfacing
  • Interfacing of ADC, Interrupt, USART
  • Protocols : USART, SPI, I2C


  • Accelerometer (3-axis)
  • Touch Screen
  • GPS & GSM modems
  • Serial Communication
  • Light Sensor, GAS sensor etc
  • DTMF
  • Motors (DC, Stepper, Servo)
  • And many more……..


  • MSP 430 Launchpad
  • CCS Studio
  • Proteus


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