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Tevatron Technologies Semiconductor expertise spans FPGA based Design , VHDL / Verilog RTL Development & Verification, CMOS Layout & PCB Design. Our Embedded Software expertise ranges from Outsourced Product Development(OPD), Firmware & Device Drivers Development, RTOS Porting to Embedded Reference Board Development on microcontroller, ARM processor and DSP and many more…

No world of whims and fantasies of sci-fi world are complete without a fully functional robot. So, now with the fast driven world of technology it is only obvious to bring the robots in the real world. Now every student has this dream but the question is how to do that without spending unreasonable amount of money? Well to answer that, TechEmbed was created.

OUR Mission

Since the day technology came into existence, every technology savvy mind has been nurturing the dream of creating a being that works on their command, which they have named as a “Robot”. TechEmbed has followed this dream and turned it into reality for every student.

Focusing on providing workshops and organizing competitions at various levels in colleges and schools, this will also serve as the entry platform for the young brains to the complex world of robotics. Not just creating awareness and imparting knowledge, TechEmbed also strives to make the technology easier and accessible to the curious young brains. We ought to trigger a desire among the students and arm them with an aptitude towards robotics to explore the field further.



We are providing training on latest microcontrollers & technologies.

  • Raspberry Pi
  • MSP 430 Launchpad
  • AVR Microcontroller
  • PIC Microcontroller
  • 8051 Microcontroller